Vrksa's Categories…

I decided to categorize vrksa’s collections to 3 divisions as – Handicrafts, Home D├ęcor & Ethnic Gifts. Attaching much importance to our tradition & culture, the aim of vrksa is to highlight the rich cultural heritage of our traditional art.

Handicrafts: Vrksa's collection of handicrafts is a rhythmic mix of rural simplicity and the urban abstractions - not to mention the rare collection of tribal handicrafts that takes you back to lost dynasties.

Home decors: Vrksa brings back the priceless works of art from the past to decorate the walls and interiors of your home, rejuvinate the mind and inner-space with the wonders that depicts the key moments and events of ancient civilizations and its identity.

Ethnic gifts: With an ethnic aura, Vrksa brings to light a wide range of gifts articles that are not only distinct but also assures the value of the most unforgettable moments and people!

For your hands…

When customers purchase items at vrksa, I intend to use recyclable bag & gift cards.

Vrksa's Tagline

The happiness of the self is the result of a peaceful mind and body fused with a well maintained space. Nourish your senses and the space around you and your beloved ones with the shapes and textures created in the past to harmonise the positive vibes.

Vrksa’s Business card

I was very clear in my idea while shaping the Biz card for vrksa of ensured the items be recyclable, engraving the details of vrksa on the recyclable cards as what eats away nature is constantly opposed by Art.

Vrksa’s horse (to) power…

The moment I thought of a suitable symbol for vrksa, the image of a horse opened in my minds eye. Still remember gazing at those gigantic horses of terracotta in the Iyyanar temple of village where the very strength of the lord himself seems to lie in those horses in my childhood.

In the north Indian states, I have enjoyed the dance of decorated horses on the festive occasions oblivious to passage of time. What gave me satisfaction drive me search of horse symbol for vrksa in the category of horse depicted in “Kalamkari” drawings of Andhra Pradesh.

The apt bridal attire will certainly attract a man. The horse in the pictures ….. so beautifully depicted, the artist, having given shape so his imagination.

So behold the horse of vrksa stands majestically.

Vrksa’s name board

Devoid of artificiality & a blend of nature shall be the name board for vrksa – I whished again!

And the very name answered my query. Yes, vrksa – a tree. It will be appropriate to emboss it on a perfect wood. And decided I saw a crack on a plank appropriating the letter “A” as the last letter of vrksa and I made use of it as it is.

Style & Script…

I’ve used a naturally stylish script to depict Vrksa on the name board. The expression, those expanding shapes of each letter with their remarkable pleasant carvings makes them stand apart, giving them the wild yet gentle, bold yet caring appeal- a trait that is mostly bound to the mother of all – Nature.

Vrksa’s foyer…

The grandeur – an entrance to the temple are place, always. And similarly should be the one for vrksa – I whished.

I thought of doors and finally divided on a two door arrangement for pulling and closing.

Beautiful wooden doors decorated the house those days; I selected two such pieces – small doors for a great place.

The terracota tiled elevated front is something special for monsoon. The rattling rain drops that streams through the tiles, is indeed a treat for all senses. These tiles (that are not usual on the present day houses) outside Vrksa, awaits a pleasant rainy day.

Size of Vrksa’s …

As a rule, art gallery should be big in size. Rather grand, I whished a compact beautiful place for vrksa. For a wonder, the place chosen appeared suitable.

The location…

Why this scheduled place for vrksa a little away from crowded place – reason?! – The surrounding.

I cannot forget the verdant fields, the cool breeze, noiseless surroundings; yes my early years are evergreen. I lost all those pleasure in the passage of time my heart aches.

My morning stroll is must & to the place of vrksa reminded me of my lost good olden days. Just to savour the beauty. I frequented the place.

Then I decided that this is the place where vrksa should take root and at the appropriate time I sowed the seed.

Why Vrksa?

Having decided to convert my passion & energy into something workable, I was contemplating name selection. I decided that the name so chosen should be small & beautiful, deep & profound in the meaning.

Result of such a search was “vrksa” – “tree.” My aim is to branch out far and wide taking deep roots and provide shade to many and the name vrksa connotes.

I made it as my Trademark, happy that I got a name I desired.

My passion to begin…

You may wonder as to what prompted me to venture in this field. It is simply the love I had in it. My passion on art grew more and more on me as to start the venture – vrksa

The involvement I had in nature, from very early years, the ethos, the cultured attraction – all have driven me to this level of growing my dream to this everlasting – vrksa.